Misadventures of Life, plus a book review of Dead Wrong.

Life has a way of throwing fast balls when I don’t want them. My husband is a software developer, and he currently works from home while we’re waiting for some documentation to be processed so we can make an international move. Yeah, that is about as terrifying as it sounds.

His keyboard died today.

In the cruel and real world, software developers make stable and good money while authors like me have good days, bad days, and in-between days with no guarantees of success.

His keyboard died today, and fortunately (or unfortunately) it was the same model as mine. Exit light, enter night. He took possession of my keyboard so he could work today. I have a travel keyboard meant for little use with my ipad mini 4. It’s for notes and things like that, not full-day work.

(This blog post has been interrupted by the husband bringing his keyboard down looking hopeful I’m magical and can fix it…? I mean, I write magical words, but I’m not inherently magical. I’ll try!)

I am magical, but I also managed to acquire a terrible curse. I fixed my husband’s keyboard, but mine showed the symptoms his had, which means I had a keyboard, but it no longer worked. So, I called Apple. It was more of a slink with head held down in shame as I managed to fix things for everyone other than me.

Restarting the USB controller failed epically. Upgrading my operating system, however, fixed the issue–for now.

Back in business with a keyboard, and it’s only three in the afternoon! Maybe I’ll get something done today. Hah. Maybe.

P.S.: Apparently, I do not handle keyboard problems very well. My temporary keyboard was a half-sized travel keyboard. It’s nice, but it isn’t my usual keyboard, and I kept hitting the wrong keys because they’re different. First world problems.

Anyway, keeping in line with my goal to read more books this year, I read a book recently. Dead Wrong had all of the things I like about mysteries. It was a cozy mystery, which is typically an easier and smoother read than the procedurals or thrillers I normally like. It seemed more YA oriented, but I found there were a lot of issues with this book that just made it so hard to get into. I wanted to like it, and I did like some things about it. At the end, however, I wish the author had spent a little more time showing the world through the characters’ eyes instead of telling me how things were, who liked who, and why. I just found it was too shallow for me to dig in.

Then my love of procedurals kicked me in the ass, as the majority of my issues around this book surrounded the complete abandonment of procedure. It made me sad. Cozies have room for flexibility–I don’t mind some procedural being skipped or glossed over, but I felt everything had been tossed to the wind.

While a cozy mystery also tends to be predictable in many ways, I figured out the motive and the killer pretty quick, which honestly did take away from it. That said, in the hands of a kid or young teen, this book could be a good introduction to the concept of cozy mystery. I think mystery fans who love the little details, however, will be a bit disappointed like me. Still, there were things I liked, and I think if the book had a little extra room to grow, it could have gone from eh to solidly enjoyable.

Not terrible, not great. It played in the average book territory, and you know what? That’s not all that condemning for a cozy mystery. Just hoped for a little more from a book I was really looking forward to reading. Click that picture to get a copy of the book. If you’re into cozy mystery, you might like it. The ideas in it are pretty nifty, I just wish there was a bit more meat on the bones.

And now that I have a working keyboard and some semblance of normality restored… I’m going back to work. Have fun, folks!

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links… and I use the money to get more books for myself. Yeah. Honesty is the best policy, right?


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