Dawn of Dae is free today plus a bonus short story–happy holidays, folks!

DaePortals1_TheDawnofDawn_TrillianAndersonThe Christmas shopping mayhem has begun. To celebrate and give book lovers a little something for themselves, the Dawn of Dae is available for free today and tomorrow on Amazon. (December 7 & 8, 2015.)

Already have the book? That’s okay, too. There’s something here for you as well. I wrote a Black Friday shopping mayhem story for Literary Escapism’s Black Friday story extravaganza. You can read my contribution here!

It features characters from the Dawn of Dae, and takes place after the novel. (You may want to read the book first, but if you dive right into the short story, that’s okay, too! There are only a few minor spoilers in the story.)

Happy Holidays, Readers!

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