Author Spotlight: Patricia Briggs

  • Author: Patricia Briggs
  • Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
  • Sex: On page; tasteful.
  • Violence: These stories contain notable violence, although I wouldn’t (usually) classify it as overly gory.
  • Reading Level: Moderate.
  • Adult Subject Matter: Present. Sometimes hard-hitting. Sensitive readers may encounter triggers.
  • Language: Some cursing.

Patricia Briggs has been one of my favorite authors for a long time. My first introduction to her works was with Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood, which are a pair of fantasy novels following the story of Ward. I loved the world she crafted, which let me indulge in some seriously good escapism. To this day, Dragon Bones is still one of my favorite novels. From there, I moved on to her Alpha & Omega novels.

Being completely honest, Cry Wolf is still my favorite of the Alpha & Omega novels, although I have, for the most part, enjoyed the other titles in the series. The latest title, Dead Heat, is probably my least favorite of her books, although I did enjoy it. The sense of wonder and discovery in Cry Wolf is superior, however. it took me a while to get hooked on her Mercy Thompson stories, but I have since become a huge fan of these stories as well.

Patricia Briggs is now one of my go-to authors for fun urban fantasy. The stories are interesting, her characters are engaging, and her writing is clean and easy to read–not too easy, though. Teens and adults alike can find things to enjoy in this book. I wouldn’t necessarily give these titles to particularly small children, but not on account of language or prominent sex. However, her stories do feature social issues you’d want to be able to discuss with younger kids, should you let them read the titles–rape, for example, is a harsh reality heavily pursued, especially in the Mercy Thompson books.
Still, well-worth the read.

For readers who enjoy third person, I recommend the Dragons books and Alpha & Omega. The Mercy Thompson books are in first person.

Enjoy reaSnake-headding!

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