Author Spotlight: Kristen Britain

  • Author: Kristen Britain
  • Genre: Traditional/epic Fantasy
  • Sex: Low.
  • Violence: Present, not particularly gory.
  • ReadingLevel: Moderate, easier than many other epic fantasy novels.
  • Adult Subject Matter: Present.
  • Language: Low-key, some present.

It has been a long time since I’ve delved into the world of The Green Rider, but this book was, for a very long time, one of my absolute favorites. I’ve always been a fan of fiction with good horses in it, and Kristen Britain managed to create a series where the horses were as much characters as the actual people.

Being totally honest, the wait time between the books is often so long I forget about this series. I waited years for the second book to come out, and while I enjoyed it, I never quite felt it lived up to the first book–probably because I enjoyed the first book that much. The series is now up to five books long, but I’ve only read the first three.

Here’s the thing: the enjoyment of books is so founded on a reader’s personal tastes; book one hit my sweet spots for a lot of things I love in books, but I found books two and three strayed from what I was hoping for and delved into less of the adventure I really liked and more into the politics of kingdoms and people than I wanted. They were decent books, just not up my alley so much as that first introduction to Britain’s world.

Snake-headFor readers new to the series, I don’t expect you’ll find the writing world-class; this is Britain’s debut series, and her writing matures from book to book. While I think The Green Rider was great, unless you’re a younger person who truly loves horses, you may not agree. When I was first introduced to this book, I was at the age where that’s what I was looking for in fantasy fiction–and I got it in this one. This book was also one of my first introductions into epic-styled fiction written by someone who openly declared her status as a woman. Note: The Green Rider originally released in 1998. Your mileage will vary.

Happy reading, book lovers!

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