Dae Portals Novels

12842587_10153455289428506_813637399_oAlexa Zoe Daeberht never intended to end the world–or sentence it to a slow and terrible death. All she wanted was dinner. When her kitchen becomes the epicenter of the Dawn of the Dae, her normal, mundane life turns into a living nightmare. No one is really sure what the dae are, but because of her, they are here to stay. Some of the dae are harmless, safely bound to their human counterpart. Others are anything but harmless.

Only one thing is for certain: everyone is after the one who brought the dae into the world. Some want her to die for her crimes. Some want her as an ally. Others simply want her, though Alexa can’t begin to imagine why.

Rob is one of those dae, and Alexa will stop at nothing to escape him once and for all–or end his life. There’s more than a few problems with her plan. Rob isn’t just any old dae; he’s a greater dae, he’s drop-dead gorgeous when he wants to be, and he’s taken an interest in her. Alexa isn’t going to be tricked, though–not by him, and not by anyone.

The dae can’t be trusted and she knows it.

However, fighting against the dae and dae-bonded humans isn’t easy. Unlike those she cursed, Alexa is normal. She can’t regenerate, she lacks super strength, she can’t shift forms, and she certainly can’t spit fire. All she has is her wits, which don’t compare to even the weakest of the newly empowered.

The strong and smart survive. The weak become prey. Those in between are the pawns of the bonded and dae alike.

If she wants to survive, she’ll need to rise above them all. Unfortunately, in order to safeguard her identity as the mother of the dae, she is forced into hiding, slipping in and out of society, and her only ally in the world started his life as her leftover macaroni and cheese casserole.

Books in the Series

  1. Dawn of Dae
  2. Unawakened
  3. The Hound and the Chameleon
  4. Summit
  5. World at War
  6. Feather’s Angel