Mini Review: The Jane Yellowrock Series by Faith Hunter

A long, long time ago… okay, maybe a year and a half ago, I first read Skinwalker, which is the opening title of the Jane Yellowrock series. At the time, it didn’t ring bells, make the heavens open, or otherwise inspire me to go on a massive book-buying binge. Ah, the difference a year makes. A little while ago, I decided to give the book a second try. On my first reading, I liked Jane. I liked Beast. I found them interesting, but they didn’t grab me by the throat.

I’m glad I did. My second reading went a lot better for me, so I moved on to book two.

Book two, Blood Cross, triggered a binge unlike most I’ve had in a while. I started reading, and I simply couldn’t stop until I finished the entire series, pushing aside everything to get to the end of it. I laughed, I screamed frustration, and I whined. I may have sniffled here and there, too–okay, far more than is healthy for me.

This series reminded me, as good series do, that sometimes, the real story doesn’t start kicking readers in the face (and the heart) until the second book. That was the case for me.

I hate some characters. I really hate one character Jane has romantic involvement with. Absolutely hate him. I was warned something bad would happen to this individual, and my reply was, “Unless he is dead, it wasn’t horrible enough.”

Yeah. I hate this guy that much.

On the other had, I adore Bruiser, and have from book one.

What can I say? Once I get invested, I get invested… and in this series, it took me to book two to get invested.

Worth the read–and if book one doesn’t grab you, consider giving book two a try. For me, that’s when the series really took flight. It’s now on my instant buy list of series. Considering there are four series on this list, that should be a good indication of how I feel about these books.

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