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By now, some of you are aware of my main personality. It was exposed on facebook, initially accidentally, but then I decided it didn’t really matter, so I rolled with it. (If you really want to know who Real Me is, you can find out using google and facebook.) But, as a result, some interesting things happened.

First, there was a minor merging of Real Me’s fans to the new works… and a lot of the feared “What the fuck did you write?!” comments. I mean, okay. Dawn of Dae and Unawakened are weird. I mean, they’re really weird. It’s bizarre dystopian fiction. It’s supposed to be weird. Some people are going to love it. Some people are going to hate it.

I won’t lie, you need to bring your sense of humor along for the ride to enjoy these books. If you like serious, dark reads, not for you. That’s okay, though. I mean, there are dark sections in both books. I really go into the nature of man with this series, but it’s gift wrapped in the absurd.

I need a little bit of the absurd in my life. Things have been really busy, and sometimes not in a good way. I haven’t had a chance to do a whole lot of reading, which isn’t helping matters for me any. Everyone in my household has been pretty cranky, too. The weather isn’t helping. It’s February, and instead of snow, we’ve been getting rain. Rain makes my SAD trigger like crazy.

Really need to move to California, stat.

So, back to the Real Me thing. Real Me is a member of the SFWA, has written a handful or two of books, and has been drowning in the absurd. She’s working on three different titles right now. I mean, I’m working on three different titles right now. I’m enjoying them all; I’ve earned a short break from the Dae Portals books (which I’m resuming next week.)

So here’s an announcement you might like…

Since I mentioned I’m resuming the Dae Portals books next week, I’m hoping to have the Chameleon and the Hound written and prepared for release in the next few months. I have to juggle a move to California, so it may get delayed. That’s why there isn’t a preorder live, yet. However, I’m going to give you a brief idea of what the next few books are about… and cover art. Cover art. Did I mention cover art?

Also, a print version of books 1-3 compiled together in a single title is coming soon. By coming soon, I mean a couple of weeks, if that, following the release of the Chameleon and the Hound. I’m expecting it will cost somewhere between $23-26. I’m going with expanded distribution, hoping for a miracle. Holly Heisey is a superstar cover artist and has been working with me on all of my cover needs.

Onto the books.

The Chameleon and the Hound

DaePortals3HoundandtheChameleonEver since Rob stormed out of her refrigerator and into her life, Alexa has had nothing but bad luck. Everything she knows has been turned upside down. Her work with the police, which was supposed to be a temporary affair to hunt down the women murdered by Terry Moore, has become a permanent arrangement.

She’s still on the prowl, but without any fresh leads, she’s hit yet another dead end. As her frustration mounts, so do her problems with Rob. He’s grown distant, and she has no idea what she’s done to drive him away. To make matters worse, many of the dae are acting strange, even Colby.

Consumed by her need to do something useful with herself, she convinces the police to let her work the streets. Instead of working solo like she wants, she’s assigned a partner. The Chameleon is an expert in cracking down drug rings. He’s tough, gorgeous, and dangerous, and if he ever finds out she had worked for Kenneth Smith, he’ll probably kill her and leave her body floating in the river.

With Kenneth’s new drug on the market and the rise of Sullivan’s blood liquors, the police have their hands full trying to crack down on the growing narcotics trade. The Chameleon is standing at front and center in the efforts, dragging Alexa with him every step of the way.

Going undercover as a drug user looking for the latest and greatest hit is the dumbest thing she’s ever done, but with the Chameleon breathing down her neck and the police already suspicious of her quick grasp and excellent firearms skills, she’s out of options. With a single mistake, she’ll end up hooked again, and with Rob flitting in and out of her life, she fears being alone when she falls.

Finding a compromise in serving as a blood donor for the drug trade, she fights to keep clean. It is in the darkest shadows of the drug world she learns the truth behind the women’s murders. Should she choose to pursue justice, however, she will have to put more than her life on the line.


DaePortals4_3Things happen in this book. Actually, a lot of things happen in this book, but since the Chameleon and the Hound isn’t released yet, I’m not saying what. However, I’ll show you this absolutely gorgeous cover art. Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ll give you a teaser about this much, though: in a twist of fate, Alexa has been invited to attend the first World Summit in over fifty years.

Where Alexa goes, trouble follows, and at the summit of all things, she has a long way to fall.

This is going to be a fun book.

World at War

DaePortals5_1Remember how I mentioned something about Alexa and trouble?

Yeah, that.

Times are changing, and in a world at war, there are no victors, only survivors.

You have no idea how badly I want to write this book. It’s crawling and itching under my skin, and motivating me to work on it super hard, super fast.

I really hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

I really like art.

I love sketching and line art. Real Me is making a fantasy-themed coloring book to help pay for her print covers. It’s on indiegogo. I love art.

Pegasus_001Look at this picture I drew. It’s going to be in the coloring book. It’s a pegasus.

Now that I’ve all but directly told you who Real Me is, I’m going to get ready for bed.

Soon I’ll be back to reviewing books, causing mayhem, and otherwise trying to enjoy myself.

Keep reading, book lovers.



  1. Where did you hide the short story about the shopping trip to get Rob a gift? I know that I read it somewhere??

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