One-Click Roulette Reviews: The Never Read Again Collection Part Two


In the past bit, I’ve been getting better at abandoning books when they’re just that bad. I’ve only written two reviews for books I’ve sworn I’ll never read again. However, there’s a list of titles I have tried but just couldn’t stand. They’re listed below. but to start with, the two notables from my never read again pile.

A Billionaire Ex (Novel) (BBW Billionaire Romance) by Alexia Austen

My Review:

Purchased because I read the beginning of the sample and it seemed interesting, but I only read the first few pages of the sample, which was my mistake.

The book was riddled with errors, and ultimately, I returned it for a refund. I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to mistakes in books, but there’s only so many times I can see ‘CEO”S’ when the main character’s ex is the CEO”S problem in the book, and the CEO”S pretty good at making a mess of things in the book…

(See, it gets pretty annoying pretty fast.) There were other errors in the book, too, but that one was the most obnoxious of all. If I’m going to spend $8 on a book, I have a lot higher expectations. If it had only dinged me 2-3$, I probably would have just sucked it up, counted it my loss, and moved on… but this was an expensive book and I really expected a lot better.

Can’t give much feedback about the story, because I didn’t really make it far enough before I gave up on it because of the errors.

Side Note: This is the first book I have ever returned for a refund. I feel dirty now.

Billionaire Romance: Swept Off Her Feet (Bad Boy Romance, Alpha Male Romance, Pregnancy Romance) by Kathleen Hope

My Review

I’m not leaving a star rating on this book because I gave up on it before I even started. The first chapter opens up with a blatant notice. (See below.)

I wish I were making this crap up. I didn’t even bother. Just gave up. I get these types of books to get away for a while, not be put through… I don’t even know. This is a great way to ruin a reader’s experience. Seriously, the book was ruined for me the instant I read the notice. To make things more fun, the >> << messages are highlighted in yellow and blue so it stands out.

Come on. I don’t know about others, but I read books to get away from life for a while, not to have non-book things tossed in my face.

No, I didn’t click. No, I won’t click.

Here’s the message:

Before You Get Started Reading


I have a VERY important message that you MUST READ!

I promise you its not spam and I’m not trying to sell you anything!


And yes, it included the grammar error in the notice.

Side Note: I now walk away from any book that has this in the opening book content. I’ve probably walked away from 20 books like this now in the past week alone.

No, you do NOT have a very important message I MUST read.

From the “I gave up on these books” department…

Some of these books just didn’t do it for me. They aren’t necessarily bad, but they didn’t appeal to me. Some were just bad. So, it’s a mixed hat. These are, however, books I didn’t enjoy and deleted from my kindle for some reason or another. If I remember the reason, I will list it with the book.

Quite a few of these have one commonality: Cliffhangers. I don’t like cliffhangers, especially ones that leave me feeling like I’ve been ripped off and did not get a complete story.

Note: There’s a mix of clean and erotic romance in here. One-Click Roulette gives me a very eclectic mix of reading material. Mature audiences only.

  • Zane by Liv Bennett: I didn’t like Zane, I didn’t really like the main character, and I didn’t like the cliffhanger-style ending.
  • Pleasure by Lucia Jordan: I just didn’t like it all that much. Nothing necessarily wrong with it. Cliffhanger, and not even a good one.
  • Dazzled by Silver by Lacey Silks
  • That Night with my Boss by H & J.S. Cooper
  • Wall Street by Leia Castle: Cliffhanger prologue, incomplete story.
  • Bought and Paid for: The Billionaire’s Girlfriend by Lara Hunter: I’m not sure why I didn’t like this one. Just didn’t. This is one of those personal taste dislikes, rather than anything specifically wrong with the title. Just couldn’t get into this one.
  • My Billionaire Boss Made Me His Dog by Taylor James: Character and plot hole canyons. This one just made me shake my head. (I have no idea why I even one-clicked this one. Maybe I was hoping for humor and shifter.)
  • Collide – The secret Life of Trystan Scott (#1) by H.M. Ward: Just didn’t like. Couldn’t get invested with the characters, just didn’t hook me.
  • Searching for Moore by Julie Richman: Not to my taste. I enjoy romances that fit certain themes, and the guy lead is scum. He has a wife and family, and he throws them away for a fling from high school over twenty years ago. I really dislike plot devices like this.


The truly sad thing about this list is the fact I’ve only scratched at the surface of the list of books I simply didn’t like while playing one-click roulette. The good news, however, is that I’ve found an equally long list of books I have enjoyed. Even filtering by 4*+, there are a bunch of lackluster books.

As always, these opinions are my own and shouldn’t be taken as anything other than that. We all have our likes and dislikes. What I don’t enjoy might not bother you–and you might even like it. That’s the nature of the beast.

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