Fun for Writers: A Year of Creation

I love writing, and I love sharing what I write. It’s a driving factor for me each and every day. I often have too many ideas for me to pursue. However, there’s a lot to learn from pursuing new ideas in any form, be it a full-length book or a couple of paragraphs about a character and the challenges they face.

I make resolutions every year, most of which I know I’m going to fail. For me, they’re just for fun.

I’m doing a challenge for 2016 I have never done before. I am going to try to write a short synopsis of a new book every day. The ideas probably won’t be good ones, but each and every day, I’m going to spend half an hour just being creative.

So far, I’m right on target, although I have to admit I wrote three of them in one day–I didn’t plan on this January 1. I decided to actually try this today, so it works out. I’m technically going to be a day ahead, since I’ve already written four of them since the beginning of the year.

Only one of them I’ll probably pursue, although I think a second idea might be viable with some (okay, a lot) of work. The main point here, however, is that I’m making the effort to put these ideas to paper.

Even if I fail, I already have four ideas, two of which are strong contenders for books. That already makes me a winner.

Now all I need is a time machine and a longevity potion so I can write all of these stories.

DaePortals3HoundandtheChameleonP.S.: Unawakened is coming soon! Soon, I say, soon!

In other actual me news: I do not know when the Hound and the Chameleon will be ready. Apparently Old Me had some ideas, and those ideas became side projects, and one of those ideas is fairly close to becoming a completed manuscript, which requires editing. It already has cover art. I’ll be working on the Hound and the Chameleon in the meantime. If my track record with side projects is any indication, it’ll be ready in March.

I hope you all have a fantastic year! I’m hoping to read 300 new books–and review them all. I might have to dip into the novella pool in order to reach this insane goal. Novellas count, right? Also, one-click roulette… because there’s no way I can afford to buy 300 new books. (I wish.)


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