One-Click Roulette Reviews: The Never Read Again Collection Part One

When I started one-click roulette, I knew there would be books I simply hated for one reason or another. This post reviews two such titles, and my thoughts on them. When I selected them, I had filtered by 4*+ to help limit the number of really bad books I got ahold of. Honestly, it has mostly worked. I’ve found so many books I adore with one-click roulette, but it comes to no surprise there are a few titles I simply loathe.

Here are the few books to make it to my Never Read Again collection–and the reasons why.

Romance: Christmas Romance: All I Want For Christmas. (A Christmas Romance Series) by Daphne Rebecca

My Status Update…
12/18 51.0% “This is going onto the not finished pile. Because this story is literally not finished. The author forgot to exchange XXXX for a character’s name and how long XXXX knew the main character for. Sigh. This isn’t even readable. I give up.”
My Review

I don’t like judging books by their editing, but this one was over the top. Parts of the book simply doesn’t make sense. I made it 50% through before I gave up.

What made me quit?

A character was named XXXX and knew the main character for XXX years. I don’t even know if the book had been read after being drafted. There are editorial errors scattered throughs–very distracting ones, too.

There might be a good story buried in here somewhere, but it is lost in the careless writing and editing, unfortunately.

Melanie is your stereotypical weak female character; she runs a cupcake shop and is obsessed with Wade, a hockey player who had become a bad boy due to fame. They meet and pretty much do the same old omg I love you why did we ever stop… I quit the book shortly later, as the editorial errors made it too tedious to finish the book… And I draw the line at placeholder text in a book.

Worthy of note: I actually reviewed this one twice because my initial review wasn’t showing. Yes, this book pissed me off that much.

Anything He Wants: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Complete Collection Boxed Set) by S. J. Cox

My Status Updates…
12/14 18.0% “Gets points for being steamy. Not badly written, but I hesitate to call the stories books. This is a collection of short stories. I am entertained by the first story but was utterly surprised it was so short since it was described as a book. Nope, short story collection. That aside, I am entertained.”
12/14 34.0% “The NSFW is pretty steamy, but the male lead is such a jackass I am like… Really? Not sure if I want to keep reading the collection since I kinda want the girl to make an escape and find a tolerable human being to do these steamy things with.”
12/14 42.0% “I kinda got the point he is an epic level jerk ages ago. I am kinda done with that. Please have something new, story. Come on.”
12/14 50.0% “What? Whhhuuutttt…. Okay. The steamy bits are good, well-written steamy bits. That’s important, I suppose, but these two people are something else. Torn between continuing (I hate quitting a book and I already did this once tonight) and tossing this in my never read again pile. This sub genre of romance may be beyond me. So abusive…”


My Review

I want to say I finished this book, but I gave up at 50% in and abandoned it to my never read again shelf. Why?

The main male is a complete and total ass, and the only thing of worth to him as a character is his bank account.

The main female is a complete and total idiot, and between the two of them… they’re probably perfect for each other.

I was hoping it would evolve into something other than really foul male billionaire being abusive to a woman who can’t actually stand up for herself because she likes the sex and needs the money.

Also, worth noting: The sex itself is actually pretty steamy and pretty well-written, but the characters ruined this book for me. Well, three ‘books.’; they’re really short stories.

I won’t be back for this one.

Not picking a star rating because I couldn’t bring myself to finish the collection. I probably would have given it two stars if I had to.

P.S.: I have since given up not starring titles that just leave sour tastes in my mouth. I’ll leave this one in starless limbo, though. The next title is also going into starless limbo, and you’ll see why when you read the review…

Falling Hard (Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy, #1) by Blair Babylon

My Review

I didn’t get far enough into this title for Status Updates, sorry!

I am choosing not to leave a star rating on this book because I didn’t finish it.

I quit reading at the start of chapter two. When I picked the book, I was playing one-click roulette searching for billionaire romances. This story opens up at a frat party. The main girls know this place is rape central, and decide to attend anyway. To no one’s surprise, there’s a rape.

I have a strong dislike for mean spirited characters, and the actions of these characters are just that. Plus, the choices made by one of them are just downright crude. I went in looking for a romance, not a torture flick, and a torture flick is what the first chapter provides.

Not going to finish this one. The first chapter turned me off way too much. Maybe there’s a good story in there, but while tasers to the ass are funny… tasers elsewhere are not, and I have no interest in reading a book that takes behavior to this level.

I flinched at the conclusion of chapter one. Sexual violence (rape) is not okay, but neither is what was done to the rapist… and when I’m sympathizing with the rapist more than the women, there’s a problem.

It’s me, book… but a taser to the scrotum? No thanks. I’m sure some anti-rapists will get off on it, but all I do is flinch.

Fighting with the Infuriating Prince (War, Love, & Harmony Series, #1) by Elizabeth Lennox

Status Updates…
12/13 1.0% “One click roulette title. I have no idea what this book is about, but why not?? Romance of some sort, I think. First page hasn’t instilled fear, which is always a good sign!”
12/13 5.0% “The exclamation points. Ye gods, the exclamation points. So many of them! So, so many! What on Earth am I reading?!”
12/13 17.0% “I found all of the exclamation points. They are in this short story/novella. I am torn between horror and awe. I want to class this book as for a younger audience; maybe 15? If it wasn’t quite so focused on sexual attraction, I would suggest younger, but I have the sinking feeling this is an erotica.”
12/13 33.0% “Oh my.”


My Review

2.5* In this NSFW story, the main characters are about as shallow as they get. The sex was written well enough, but I found the story lacked depth or development. Reads like it should be for a far younger audience.

Major overuse of exclamation points. I did like the general concept, but I wish the characters had been given a little room to grow without their exclaimed narrative carrying the story. Their dialogue seemed a bit awkward in places, which I am attributing to the interaction of royal characters.

I did like some of the consequences at the end, although I did find the story’s conclusion somewhat abrupt.

One major pet peeve was utter unrealistic losing of virginity and the girl’s utter innocence, which is part of what made me this this is intended for audiences likely a little too young for NSFW stories.

Short, quick read. Cleanly written and obviously been edited despite overuse of exclamation points.

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