One Click Roulette: A Game of Books

As a reader, I have a terrible tendency to search for the perfect book, which often ends in tears, suffering… and no books. I’ve since learned if I randomly put books on my kindle, I’ll read them. The end of the year always causes me problems because I love buying presents for people. I end up buying too much stuff for others. You know how it goes.

My gift to myself this year was a free book buying binge. These books are going to be on my to-be-read shelf, but I thought I’d share with you the sort of books I will be reading. If you want to play along, here are the rules.

Go to amazon. Type in a keyword, sort the books by low to high, and click ‘4* average or higher on the left hand side criteria window of the site. The idea is to get some good books–or at least books others have reviewed as good books.

Buy everything that’s free. Do this for several keywords. I did this for three: prince romance (go ahead and judge me, I wanted some romance, and I like princes), murder mystery, and paranormal mystery.

Here is a list of the books I have downloaded. Most of these were blind downloads, although I did peek at a few of the descriptions. I will be reviewing these as I read them as a Roulette Review. (A totally blind reading; all I know about the book before reading will be the cover and the title. This should be interesting.) I’ll link to the reviews (on goodreads) as I post them.

These books will be part of my Reading 2016 Book Challenge.

  1. Irish Cottage by J. Gauvin
  2. Executive’s Decision by B. Marie
  3. Dark Light by SL Jennings
  4. Queen of Someday by S Ficklin
  5. Good Knight by S Woodbury
  6. Third Son by E Marion
  7. Fighting with the Infuriating Prince E Lennox
  8. The Key by JA Davis
  9. Heir Untamed by D Bourdon
  10. Marcus by A Hackett
  11. Before Midnight by J Blackstream
  12. Picking up the Pieces by J Prince
  13. The Prince by SA Gordon
  14. Rae Falling by B Babylon
  15. Played to Death by BV Lawson
  16. Murder to Go by C Kendrick
  17. To Kill For by AJ Carella
  18. Hearths of Fire by K Layne
  19. Drained by EH Reinhard
  20. Dangerous Passage by L Harris
  21. Stateline by D Stanton
  22. A Cold Dark Place by T Anderson (no, not me!)
  23. The Grave Man by D Archer
  24. Shirley Link & the Safe Case by B Zackhein (Squee, YA mystery!)
  25. Lamb to the Slaughter by KA Hopkins
  26. Edgewood by K McQuestion
  27. A Gift of Ghosts by S Wynde
  28. Occult Assassin: Damnation Code by W Massa
  29. Ghosts of Tsavo by V Ehsani
  30. Forever by E Marier
  31. Spookshow by T McGregor
  32. Ash by J Brant
  33. Crimson Midnight by A Cassidy
  34. Home of the Dead by SM Adams
  35. Girl Unseen by K Ellison
  36. Steampunk Romance Collection by R Haven
  37. Undraland by ME Twomey
  38. Dark Corners by L Schulte
  39. At Odds with Destiny Collection by Multiple Authors
  40. Possess by JA Howell
  41. Haunting of a Duke by C Bowlin
  42. Hunter’s Blood (Special Edition) by M Morea

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