Book Review: Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs (Alpha & Omega #1)

Cry Wolf is the first book of the Alpha & Omega series and also one of my favorite novels. I’ve owned it multiple times, and I keep coming back for more each and every time I read it. It’s technically the second story in the set. The first title is a novella in a collection, On the Prowl. This novella is actually my favorite of the stories, no matter how short it is.

Cry Wolf tells the story of Anna, a woman who was forced to become a werewolf against her will. She begins the novel starting a new life with Charles, an infamous werewolf with the job of enforcing pack law.

The novel pursues the tale of Anna’s new life as a werewolf, her mate, and the existence of a woman who could turn a living legend into a monster. Charles and Anna have to work together to put a stop to a danger to all werewolves.

What I truly loved about this book was the sense of discovery and newness of the world. Patricia Briggs does a stellar job of introducing readers to her take on Earth, I really enjoyed the subtle weave of reality and magic, which made it really easy to get absorbed in Anna’s story. I really enjoy her characters, especially Charles.

The only thing I dislike about this novel is that the first story isn’t included in it and can only be found in a separate anthology; so much that happens in the pre-story is referenced, so if you go into Cry Wolf without having read the story from On the Prowl, it feels a little flatter than it should. So, I really recommend grabbing a copy of On the Prowl before trying Cry Wolf.

Good read, and an urban fantasy staple I return to time and time again.

Snake-headAs a bonus commentary, all of the Alpha and Omega novels include serious themes, only a light amount of sex, and the discussion of issues for both men and women are take place, giving the stories a real edge to them. Briggs doesn’t skirt around important issues including rape and violence, which I appreciate.

Happy reading, book lovers!

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