Author Spotlight: Jim Butcher

  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • Genre: Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk
  • Sex: Limited. Mostly off page. (Unknown in steampunk.)
  • Violence: Notable violence, not especially gory.
  • Reading Level: Moderate.
  • Adult Subject Matter: Sensitive readers may encounter triggers. 13+ audience in my opinion.
  • Language: Some cursing.

One of my favorite series is Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera. (Alera Codex? Bah, whatever. Furies books. Here’s book one. There are five six books in the series.) I’m a terrible fan, sometimes. The Furies novels follow the tale of Tavi, who is such a wonderful character. It’s a multiple-POV epic fantasy, but truth be told, I read this one entirely for Tavi. When I re-read, I often skim everything but Tavi’s–I’m partially sorry for this, but I love this character so much I’m impatient to get back to him. This book made me laugh. It sometimes made me sniffle. (I don’t cry often when I read, so a sniffle is a major accomplishment.)

Jim Butcher knows how to fling those words around.

When Codex Alera finished, I flitted at the Dresden Files. Number one (Storm Front) was just so difficult for me to get through. I liked Harry, but there was just something about it I struggled with. But, I kept with it and tried book two, Fool Moon, and I’m so glad I did. The series keeps getting better and better with the addition of each new book.

If I could take home any male character from a book I didn’t write, Harry Dresden is at the top of the list. I simply love him. He has that bad boy charm good girls like me love–and he’s a good guy on top of it. Sometimes a bit twisted, but he’s just a good guy. He develops so well over the series.

So, I whole-heartedly recommend Jim Butcher. The Dresden Files are in first person and follow Harry Dresden’s adventures, and it’s a great urban fantasy. It’s dark, but there are bright moments that make the shadows all the deeper. If you try the Dresden Files, please stick with it! Book one is difficult for whatever reason, but the stories get so much fun from book two onward.

Please don’t ask me to pick a favorite. I will end up a weeping mess in a corner.

P.S.: At the time of this spotlight, he just released a fancy steampunk novel, but I haven’t read it yet. I’m on the fence.

Snake-headEnjoy reading!

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  1. Minor technical correction. Codex Alera has 6 books.

    Jim was once asked at a signing if he would recommend his books for the reader’s children and Jim was like, “Heck no,” and held up the hotel room scene in nearly the first chapter of book 1 as a reason why not, except he went into some of the gorier/smuttier details.

    Even he comments that the first Dresden books were his weakest, stating that they were when he knew the least about writing. He recommends book 7 as a good entry point if you are afraid the reader will have a low tolerance for the first books.

    Serack the WoJ Guru

    • You’re right, my mental check down on the books skipped First Captain’s Fury! >.>; Correcting, thank you!

      I think the main thing is… fantasy readers get numbed to violence. If a teen is reading epic fantasy, Jim Butcher’s books aren’t going to be a problem. It depends on the kid and their age. (I began reading worse stuff earlier, and I somehow turned out to be a non-violent adult!)

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